“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”

I’m a photographer with a passionate belief in capturing today’s generation, so those images may live on to be appreciated for generations to come. Psychologists have studied the effect of having family photographs displayed in the home and found that those children with photographs displayed in the home, grew up with greater confidence and sense of belonging than those who didn’t. They had stronger feelings of value and a better understanding of where they came from. I grew up in a family that loves taking photos and my Grandmother and photographer mom helped to create that love and appreciation of photography that has developed into a profession that I love today.

After my Grandmother passed away, I received all of her photo albums. I love going through the photos of her and my granddad, Grandpa-Woody in the Second World War in Egypt. My father and his siblings when they were children, photos are just priceless. With this said, I do also believe, that you should not leave your photos un-printed. We are used to living in a digital world and often I get clients contacting me years after their shoots, to inquire if I still have copies of their photos, because they have lost their digital copies.

I’d love to create the special images of the people you love. I believe in constantly learning and improving my skills to serve clients to the best of my abilities, I have an Advanced Diploma in Photography and am currently completing my Diploma in Wedding Photography & Photoshop.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your family.